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Updated: May 3, 2017

I am of the belief that there should be day baseball every single day of the week. That is often not the case though as teams make a lot of money through television and advertisers like that type of programming to be on at night during prime time. I get it, it makes sense. That doesn’t stop me from wanting baseball content all day long as I wait for the games to start.

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Luckily, we have podcasts. I listen to baseball podcasts all day long. Some I listen to for entertainment, some I listen to learn and others I listen to with help with fantasy baseball. There are way too many podcasts in this world, but during baseball season that is a good thing. Let’s take a look at a few of what I think are the best baseball podcasts going today.

Effectively Wild

Over a thousand episodes deep, Effectively Wild is the only podcast I’ve ever binge listened to. While they do cover current events, the best part of this podcast is when they get into the offbeat listener questions and theoretical baseball theory. I started listening to this one around episode 800-something and have actually gone back and started from the beginning. That’s how much I enjoy listening to Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller talk about baseball.

Of course, Sam Miller has since left and been replaced by Jeff Sullivan as the podcast has moved to FanGraphs. The show hasn’t missed a beat since the switch as Sullivan has always been one of my favorite baseball minds. Come for two of the smartest baseball writers working today, stay for the never ending flow of Mike Trout questions and amazing banter.

The Ringer MLB Show

Ben Lindbergh’s other podcast is a bit more current events based as he talks baseball with Michael Baumann each week. This podcast has a lot less banter than Effectively Wild, but makes up for it in excellent guests every week. Everyone from Ozzie Smith to Chris Devenski to Rick Ankiel to bullpen catchers have appeared on the show and each guest gives you just a little bit more insight into what the major leagues are really like. Lindbergh and Baumann are always prepared well for their guests and ask excellent questions, leaving nothing on the table. Statcast

Nobody knows about the new Statcast data than Mike Petriello and Matt Meyers who host this weekly podcast. The show is ostensibly about the Statcast data (think exit velocity, launch angle, etc), but it doesn’t ever feel like a nerdy math podcast. These guys deliver the data to point out awesome performances, bad luck plays and sleeper fantasy players. A quick and fun listen.

FanGraphs Audio

At times this podcast can be a bit hit-and-miss as host Carson Cistulli can get into long discussions about plants, history or some other non-baseball topic. While the conversations themselves can be very entertaining, sometimes you just want some baseball talk.

The best episodes of this show are with Dave Cameron, managing editor of FanGraphs, whose knowledge of the sort of economics side of baseball is unparalleled. He has good chemistry with Carson as they have a real love/hate thing going on. I also enjoy the Eric Longenhagen episodes as the two get into prospects, scouting and the intricacies of what scouting even is.

The Will Leitch Experience: Footer and Leitch

I like Will Leitch, but I hate the Cardinals and always have. His obsession with them might make this a podcast no for me, but Alyson Footer makes it work and is the star of this show. The Cardinals stuff is still there, but it’s much more focused on the league as a whole when Alyson is in with him. These two have great chemistry and are two really smart baseball writers. This is always a good listen and leaves you wishing they did it more often.

Poscast with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur

You never know what you are going to get with this podcast, but Posnanski and Schur have really great chemistry and are always entertaining. They don’t always discuss baseball, but they discuss it more than pretty much anything else and when they do it is more than worth it. While they aren’t always up to date on everything going on in the league, these two know a lot about the game and always discuss it in a highly entertaining manner.

The Jonah Keri Podcast

Jonah Keri is one of my favorite baseball writers and also has one of my favorite podcasts. He’s been drifting away from baseball lately and getting into other sports as well as interviews with comedians lately which is why he’s a bit down on this list. When he does actually talk baseball with retired players, general managers or baseball writers, it’s one of the best out there. I can understand Keri wanting to spread his wings, but he’s a really great baseball podcaster and I hope he has more guests that fit that over the summer.

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