Save the Dads: An OOTP Diary Part 2

Updated: June 14, 2017

This is part two of our OOTP Diary. To read part one click here.

When we left you we had just hired Ron Washington as our manager and started a winning streak of one. I instantly fall in love with Washington and decide to play how he wants to play. I go to the Strategy tab and set the strategy exactly how he wants it which is, basically, 80’s baseball.

I realize that Ben Zobrist doesn’t fit this style at all and trade him to the Athletics for Nate Jones and Adam Rosales.

The team responds and we are 7-3 since hiring Washington. I decide that my team needs more speed and make a move to bring Erick Aybar back because…why not? I also make a waiver claim for Gregor Blanco so we’ll see what happens there….

There is no option for it in the game, but if there were I would issue a long apology to Padres fans for bringing Upton back in the first place.

The next day we get some more good news as Manuel Margot is ready to come off the DL. More speed please!

That inspires us and we end June on a six game winning streak! We finish the month 13-12. The dream is real!

Trading Deadline

I start the month with a loss and realize that Matt Holliday doesn’t fit what we’re trying to do whatsoever. He’s also hitting a paltry .189/.272/.394 since becoming a Padre. This is basically a “take whatever” scenario so I grab Jacob May from the White Sox.

International signing begins and I remember that I have an International Complex. Running low on prospects to trade so I promote everyone in our the complex to the minors.

We get to the All-Star Break at 5-3 in July and actually get a player on the team! Congratulations Brandon Maurer for your middle relief All-Star appearance! Since his value might never be higher, I trade him.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a market for him. I end up flipping him to the Dodgers for O’Koyea Dickson and then flip him for JT Riddle of the Marlins. Ultimately, this was all pointless. I’m not sure why I did it. This trade rule is really wearing on me.

Despite our 7-6 record, Charlie Morton wants out. He’s had a 4.99 ERA since joining us and we don’t need him. I trade him straight up for RA Dickey because I like knuckleballs. Also, he has a 4.29 ERA on the year.

On July 24th we are 40-60. If there is time to make a move, now is the time for a SUPER TRADE.

I flip Evan Gattis for Tyler Collins as well and suddenly we have a whole new team.

Our rotation is solid.

Our bullpen is amazing.

And our lineup is pretty damn solid.

The only real holes are right field and fifth starter and we have a week to fill them.

We go 1-5 after the big trade and now enter the trade deadline. We set out to win and we aren’t selling. So what are we going to do?


Then we just give away Cervelli because why did we trade for him again? So our new and improved lineup looks like this!

And our rotation is led by Gerrit Cole and Danny Duffy. We are 41-65 to end July after a 12-13 month and there are no trades left to be made. This is our team. Let’s see what happens.

August is (not) hot

We start the month 8-14 when Cain goes down with an injury to keep him out four weeks. Josh Harrison also gets hurt and will likely miss the rest of the season. He could play through it, but what’s the point? This team is under performing in every way right now and Josh Harrison ain’t swinging that. I recall Asujae and Cory Spangenberg and accept my fate.

We finish August 9-19.

End this please

I call up just about everyone I can to end the month and my team is suddenly looking a lot like the team that started the season.

The pitching is a lot better, but somehow also the same? It is better, but it should also be a lot better as well if that makes sense. We are playing in a warehouse after all.

On the 4th we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The players don’t even notice. They gave up months ago.

The team opens the month 5-5, but at 55-89 they are just playing out the string trying to avoid 100 losses. It’s times like these that I hate Challenge Mode. I want to sim until next season, but I am stuck simming one week at a time with this sad, disappointing roster.

I get an email from Gregor Blanco who complains that we don’t see him as a part of the starting lineup. Why would he even want to be on the starting lineup of this team?

Then with just seven games in the season he sends me ANOTHER email.

I just release him. I’m tired of my sim to the end being interrupted.

We enter the last series of the season against San Francisco at 60-99. I decide that is time for me to take over as manager of these games as I don’t want to finish with 100 losses. It’s a matter of pride! While you can just choose to manage a game, I decided to fire Ron Washington anyway. He went 44-54.

In game one, we are up 4-2 in the sixth and Dickey is dealing until he’s not. A single by Buster Posey followed by a two-run homer from Brandon Belt and we have a tie game. I let Dickey finish the inning and he goes unscathed. We don’t score in the 7th then Denard Span walks to lead off the bottom of the 7th. He then steals second, the catcher overthrows and he takes third. An Eduardo Nunez sac fly later and the Giants lead 5-4.

We don’t score in the 8th and neither do they. We head into the bottom of the ninth with our 6-7-8 due up. Allen Cordoba walks to lead it off. I waste no time and send him for the steal. He takes it no problem. With Andrelton Simmons at the plate I call for a run and hit, he grounds out but we get the tying run to third. Catcher Hector Sanchez is up next, but I decided to call on ICHIRO to pinch hit. On the first pitch Melancon throws a wild pitch and we have a tie game!

Ichiro reaches on error and I am sending him. I call the run and hit again. Double play. Inning over.

I bring in Ryan Buetcher for the bottom of the ninth. On the first play it’s a routine ground ball and.. Chris Carter drops it. We thankfully go 1-2-3 after that and we’re headed to extras. We respond by going 1-2-3 in the 10th. And the 11th. And the 12th.

In the bottom of the 12th, two singles and a sac fly end it. Mercifully. We lost 100. We split the next two and finish the season 61-101. Despite all the trades, all the money spent, all the prospects let go, the manager firings and everything else we finish with the worst record in the league.

In all my years of playing OOTP, this may be my worst ever rating.

The Red Sox won the World Series and the Padres are the worst team in baseball. Same as it ever was.

Maybe I added too many veterans early. I said in the preview that this game hated veterans and then I add Melky Cabrera and Ben Zobrist. Maybe I should’ve known better. Maybe the Padres are just cursed. Maybe they are just so far behind that all the trades in the world couldn’t save them. Maybe I am just a bad GM.

Either way, it was fun and I’m sure you could do much better. Check out the game on Steam or at OOTP’s website. It’s pretty great.

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